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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility powers a cleaner world through innovative green, renewable energy solutions Meaningful relationships between business and society are at the heart of EDF Renewables’ mission, which includes a shared goal of building a cleaner world for tomorrow. Social responsibility plays a central role in all aspects of our business – from the projects we develop, build and operate; to the staff we hire; and, the organizations we support.

The nature of our business is to make a difference in the world by producing clean, renewable energy that can help power our lives in the most economical, environmentally and socially responsible ways possible.

To demonstrate our commitment, we work hard to enrich the communities where we operate, live and work.

At EDF Renewables, we attribute much of our success to the opportunities we encounter in the confluence of economic, environmental, and social forces. Approaching these opportunities responsibly is the lifeblood of our corporate culture.


EDF Renewables is committed to the community as a whole. The life of a project is typically 20 to 25 years and we are committed to the community for the entire lifespan.

Project development can revitalize a local community economically, through Community Benefit Payments, property tax and income from land leases, but also during the construction phase, when there is an increase in local business activity and temporary job creation.

EDF Renewables takes it a step further. Our employees have their boots on the ground and get involved in community events whether its charity work, fundraising or participation at local events.


On nearly half of the projects EDF Renewables has developed, we have partnered with local communities and First Nations. These communities play an active role in project development. This gives the community a voice in how the projects are developed in their region while also allowing that community to benefit from their local and natural energy source.


Wind, solar, hydroelectricity, bioenergy and energy storage is a clean and sustainable resource that is helping to reduce emissions and fight global climate change in a big way. Zero emitting and sustainable energy solutions Renewable energy help offset two of the most damaging effects of traditional electricity generation; air pollution and depletion of our natural resources.

EDF Renewables goes beyond simply complying with the local, provincial and federal standards to ensure that the construction of our energy facilities are managed in a way that is considerate of the environment. Our team perform a thorough analysis of the entire project and consider the environmental implications while finding innovative solutions to preserve habitat and wildlife. Our commitment doesn’t stop in the field, we also consider the environment where we work and live.


Protecting the safety and health of our workforce is fundamental to our business.

Moreover, we all need to be personally accountable for our safety and for the safety and well-being of those around us. Safety is more than just a priority at EDF Renewables – it is a core value and an integral part of our culture.


We are committed to investing in the next generation of leaders and innovators through scholarship, outreach and educational programs. The renewable industry has experienced phenomenal growth in technological advancement and for the industry to continue its success we  encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology. EDF Renewables provides funding for skills training in the communities where we work.