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Developer: EDF Renewables
Installed power: 10MWac
Jobs during construction phase: approx. 100
Date of Operation: 2018

Please find bellow the REA Supporting Documents.

Stormwater Management Plan

Response Letter TORRCA

Letter SMW E & SC Plan Aproval

Barlow Solar Energy Centre REA Approval

Barlow Solar Energy Centre Notice of Change

Barlow Solar Energy Centre REA Modification Application

Barlow Solar Energy Centre REA Application


Notice of Posting to the Environmental Registry


  1. Final Project Summary Report
  2. Final Project Description Report
  3. Final REA Checklist: Consideration of Potential for Heritage Resources
  4. Final Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment
  5. Final Natural Heritage Assessment and Environmental Impact Study
  6. Final Water Assessment and Water Body Report
  7. Final Construction Plan Report
  8. Final Design and Operations Report
  9. Final Decommissioning Plan Report
  10. Final Acoustic Assessment Report
  11. Final Consultation Report

Previous documents:


Notice of Second Public Meeting

First Open House storyboards (October 5th and 6th, 2016)

Second Open House storyboards (April 24th and 25th, 2017)

PDR (Project Description Report) of Barlow Solar Energy Centre

(En Anglais seulement)

We are very pleased to inform you that we were successful with our bid and, on March 10, 2016, we have been awarded a contract by the IESO for 10 MW a/c to build the Barlow Solar Energy Centre in the Township of South Stormont and the City of Cornwall.

About the Project

The projec is situated on up to two parcels of privately owned land located within the Township of South Stormont with a total area of approximately 100 acres. Comprised of photovoltaic panels with a contract capacity of 10 MWac, the project anticipates to connect to the existing distribution line along Power Dam Drive by utilizing road right of ways within the City of Cornwall and the Township of South Stormont. The proposed connection point is located about 600 metres east of the site.

The local municipalities and its residents will realize many benefits, including:

  • A Community Benefit Agreement with the Township of South Stormont that will contribute funds on an annual basis (estimated to be $480,000 over the twenty year life of the project).
  • Additional property tax revenue earned by the Township of South Stormont, county and local school board (estimated to be $200,000 over the twenty year life of the project).
  • Important opportunities for the local and surrounding economy during construction through:
    • Nearly one hundred (100) construction jobs at the peak of construction.
    • The procurement of local services, contractors and materials for project construction (i.e. aggregate, excavation, etc.).
    • Local businesses and hospitality sector
  • Possible creation of a locally based full time position to support and service the facility during the operating period, and opportunities for local contractors to provide services such as landscaping and maintenance.

Barlow Solar Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan

If you have questions, comments or any interest in the Project, please contact the project developer at any time.


Phone: 1-844-55-EDF-EN


Site Considerations Maps & Report

Click on the links below to review the Site Consideration Maps and Report for the Barlow Solar Energy Centre:

Site Considerations Report
Figure 01 – Detailed Map
Figure 02 – Natural Heritage Information Center
Figure 03 – General Location
Figure 04 – Municipal Boundaries Map
Figure 05 – Designated Areas Map

The Site Considerations Maps and Report indicate Project features such as the Site boundaries, proposed Connection Point as well as local and provincial features including natural heritage, infrastructure, administrative boundaries, etc. A detailed list of the main Site Considerations Information presented on the maps follows.

Please note that the exact final locations of Project infrastructure are not defined with precision at this time and will be determined via public consultation, and as Project area studies are completed. Technical and environmental studies help us better understand and minimize potential impacts on the community, the environment, cultural heritage, archaeology and other design considerations.

Barlow Solar Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan

CLICK HERE to review the Barlow Solar Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan
CLICK HERE to review the Barlow Solar Energy Centre Notice of First Public Meeting in Long Sault
CLICK HERE to review the Barlow Solar Energy Centre Notice of Second Public Meeting in Cornwall