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Indigenous and First Nations

Sustainable stewardship of natural resources enabled by wind turbine & solar photovoltaic power sources.
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Taking time to share a common vision

EDF Renewables believes strongly in sustainable stewardship of our natural resources, and the continued development of clean and renewable energy. Harmonious cooperation and development with Indigenous communities is core to our mission, and can create tremendous opportunities to partner in the development process and as project owners.

We understand the unique nature of community development partnerships for renewable energy projects and we value and respect the traditions and culture of Indigenous and First Nation communities.

We also have the financial strength, development capital and experience to develop projects that help communities create a revenue source from renewable energy.

Benefits of renewable energy:

  • Generating local electricity;
  • Providing economic benefits and opportunities that lead to capacity building initiatives and help strengthen the ability of indigenous peoples, communities, and businesses to participate in economic opportunities beyond the renewable energy project;
  • Creating jobs and training programs for community members in areas such as construction, and project operations and maintenance;
  • Respecting and recognizing local traditions, concerns, and priorities.