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Developer: EDF Renewables
Capacity: 60 MW
Jobs during construction phase: Approx. 200
Number of turbines: 17
Date of Operation: 2019

Click here to view new searchable noise impact assessment – results and map indicating the maximum calculated sound pressure level at project receptors.  Table is searchable by property address or PIN for receptors identified in the Noise Impact Assessment Report.

We are very pleased to inform you that we were successful with our bid and, on March 10, 2016, we have been awarded a contract by the IESO for 60 MW to build the Romney Wind Energy Centre in the town of Lakeshore and the municipality of Chatham Kent.

About the project:
The project will be situated on more than 10,000 acres of privately-owned land, with a capacity of 60 megawatts (MW), located in the municipalities of Chatham-Kent and the Town of Lakeshore. The wind park boundary is approximately bordering the following roads: Middle Road (North), Highway 3 (South), Campbell Road (East), Highway 77 (West).

The connection point to the public grid is anticipated to be located within the Town of Lakeshore close to Richardson Sideroad. No Connection (transmission) line is required for this project.

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Please find below the final REA supporting documents:

Romney Wind Energy Centre REA Approval

Romney Wind Energy Centre REA Application

Notice of Posting to the Environmental Registry


1.) Project Description Report

2.) Design and Operation Report

Appendix A – Site Plan Maps

Appendix B – Turbine Specification Report

Appendix C – Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix D – Archaeological Assessment

Appendix E – Natural Heritage Assessment

Appendix F – Water Body and Assessment Reports

Appendix G – Noise Impact Assessment Report

Appendix H – Property Setback Assessment

3.) Construction Plan Report

4.) Decommissioning Plan Report

5.) Consultation Report

Appendix B – Aboriginal Communities Consultation Record

Appendix C – Public Consultation Record

Appendix D – Municipal Consultation Record

Appendix E – Agency and Other Stakeholder Consultation Record

6.) Petroleum Well Operation Setback Report

Previous reports:

Second Public Meeting storyboards (June 7 and 8, 2017)

Notice of the Second Public Meeting (Lakeshore)

Notice of the Second Public Meeting (Chatham Kent)

Draft REA Reports:

1. Project Description Report

2. Construction Plan Report

3. Summary of REA Technical Reports

4. Design and Operations Report

a. Design and Operations Main Report and Appendix A – Site Plan Maps

b. Appendix B – Draft Specifications Report, Wind Facility

c. Appendix C – Cultural Heritage Assessment

d. Appendix D – Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessments

e. Appendix E – Natural Heritage Reports

– Romney Environmental Impact Study

Romney Evaluation of Significance

Romney Records Reveiw

Romney Site Investigation

f. Appendix F – Waterbodies

NRSI_1736E_Water Body Assessment

– NRSI_1736E_Water Body Report

g. Appendix G – Noise Impact Assessment

5. Decommissioning Plan Report 

Previous documents:

Notice of a Draft Site Plan 


Appendix B Draft Noise Impact Assessment

Chatham Kent Notice of a Proposal to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project and Notice of Public Meeting

Lakeshore Notice of a Proposal to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project and Notice of Public Meeting

PDR (Project Description Report) of Romney Wind Energy Center (updated on February 2017)

First Public Meeting storyboards (October 26th and 27th, 2016)

As part of the REA requirements, Romney Wind Energy Centre will be forming a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) to exchange ideas and share interests with residents and members of the public and Indigenous communities during the construction and operation phases of the Project.

The objectives of the committee are to:

  • Ensure effective communication between residents, land users and the developer;
  • Identify issues related to the development of the wind farm;
  • Recommend satisfactory solutions to stakeholders;
  • Encourage participation of local businesses.

The Committee members will be responsible for attending a minimun of four (4) meetings over two-year period. Meetings will take place on a weekday evening in Wheatley or Comber, for approximately two hours each.

The Committee will include approximately 10 members and membership selection will be based on the need for a balanced perspective on the project to present distinct points of view and facilitate effective discussion.

If you are interested to volunteer for the Romney CLC, please apply in writting using the form below by Jun 30:

CLC Member Application Form

To learn more about Romney Community Liaison Committee, consult the CLC Public Notice and Participant Workbook.

CLC Public Notice

CLC Guidelines and Participant Workbook

The local municipalities and its residents will realize many benefits, including:

  • Around $ 170,000 a year for community initiatives and bring real added value to the community.
  • Around $ 55,000 in annual taxes.
  • More than two hundred (200) construction jobs at the peak of construction.
  • Four (4) or more full time jobs, locally based, to support and service the facility during the operating period
  • Important opportunities for the local and surrounding economy during construction through (local services, contractors and materials for project construction, local businesses and hospitality sector).

Romney Wind Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan – Update 2017

Romney Wind Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan 2015


If you have questions, comments or any interest in the Project, please contact us at any time.

Fabiola Oribe, Lead Advisor – Community Relations

Email Us:
Call Us: 1-844-55-EDF-EN

Contract Facility Amendment


Note: The Public Meeting mentioned in the notice above is the same as the Second Public Meeting through the Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) process. For more details about the environmental studies and the REA process, please consult the tab Renewable Energy Approvals.

Romney Wind Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan – Update 2017

First and Second Public Community Meetings – Update 2017 

Site Considerations – Update 2017

Previous Documents:

Site Considerations Information

Click on the links below to review the Site Consideration Report and Maps for the Romney Wind Energy Centre:
Site Considerations Review – update
Detailed Map Overview – update
Detailed Map 1 – update
Detailed Map 2 – update
Detailed Map 3 – update
Location Map with Final Connection Point
Municipal Boundaries – update
Natural Heritage Information Center Grid – update
Designated Areas Map

The Site Considerations Report and Maps gather Project features such as the Site boundaries and the proposed Point of Interconnection as well as local and provincial constraints regarding natural heritage, infrastructures, administrative boundaries, etc. A detailed list of the main Site Considerations Information presented on the maps follows.

Please note that the exact final locations of some of the Site Considerations information within the Project area, such as Project infrastructures, are not defined with precision at this time and will be determined via public consultation, and as Project area studies are completed. Technical and environmental studies help us better understand and minimize potential impacts on the community, the environment, cultural heritage, archeology and other major items.

Romney Wind Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan

Romney Wind Energy Centre Community Engagement Plan.
Notice of first Public Community Meeting for the Romney Wind Energy Centre
Public Community Meetings Summary Report (Chatham-Kent and Lakeshore)