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Operations & Maintenance in Canada for Wind & Solar EDF Renewables Grid-Scale Power team engages in a rigorous process to identify and evaluate the potential of a prospective site. We take into account the energy resource, access to transmission, interconnection, permitting, environmental and community concerns. Our meticulous standards ensure only the best sites are selected, leading to fewer obstacles in the development process.

Once a Power Purchase Agreement or Direct Sale Agreement is signed, the Development Phase begins which includes permitting, site design and technology selection.

Our Resource Assessment Group performs detailed analysis to ensure the best technology is selected for each project. Our assessment includes an intimate understanding of the best possible technologies to maximize project performance. Our global supply agreements allow us access to a variety of technologies, ensuring the best solution for each installation.

As EDF Renewables enters the construction phase, we execute strategic supply agreements to secure all the necessary equipment for project construction and select a construction contractor. Our Program Management team oversees all construction phases of each one of our projects, ensuring quality, compliance with our commitments and good relationships with local communities.